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Understanding The Myths of Market Trends And Patterns

want to know more about forex trending?here i share with you secrets of determine forex trend. 

Trend is like your friend. When it is uptrend, you go up, when it is downtrend, you go down. Therefore knowing market trend in your forex analysis is very important.

This is the contents on the ebook “Understanding The Myths of Market Trends And Patterns” .

Section 1 – Trends

  • The Myth Of Market Trend
  • How To Increase The Profitability Of Any System
  • How To Determine The Trend
  • What Is A Trend Drawdown
  • Protecting Against Volatility
  • The Ultimate Solution

Section 2 – Patterns

  • How To Draw Trend Lines
  • Examples: Good Trend Lines Vs. Bad Trend Lines
  • “Triangles, Flags, Wedges…” 
  • How To Trade Chart Patterns 
  • Recognizing Chart Patterns 

“Understanding The Myths of Market Trends And Patterns”

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