how to draw forex trend lines Strategy

Forex Trendline Trading Strategy

Most traders think that drawing trend lines is all about connecting various highs

and lows. Without proper knowledge & experience, you would see them

everywhere, however not all trend lines should be considered. If you follow the guidelines to drawing good trend lines, there is a high chance that the price will

respect your trend line and get repelled by it, or it will break through the trend 
line resulting in a massive and profitable move. 

how to draw forex trend lines Strategy

Let’s start with some basics.

With below chart i think you know…it is uptrend

Then this line will be downtrend

and for this line will be sideways

Rule to draw forex trendlines

draw to at least 2 touching points using trendline tool on the chart. If you can find 3 to 5 touching points, then it will be a good trendlines.

3 Touching Points On Uptrend Movement

5 Touching Points On Downtrend Movement

That’s all, it simple right?

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In the ebook you will learn on how to trade forex chart patterns by using trend lines only. The forex chart pattern such as, Triangles, Flags and Wedges.  It is in pdf format and is it FREE to download.

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