Fibonacci Tips 3# Entry Level

How to find entry level on the fibonacci retracement area

fibonacci tips entry level at retracement area

Hello Trader,

Have you understand the fibonacci trading strategy?

If not, i would like to share with you the entry level on fibonacci retracement trading strategy.

In market trending structure, the market movement is moving up and down, in a high and low condition. In a zig-zag pattern.

But if you see the market structure, there will be market retracement before market continue trending.

The idea to trade fibonacci retracement is to trade on the retracement area.

First thing to do is to know the trend, know the direction.

Then,you can find the entry on the retracement area.

There are 3 entry level that you have to look on the retracement area.

161.8 Target Profit 2
100.0 Target Profit 1
50.0 Entry 1
38.2 Entry 2
23.6 Entry 3

0.0 Stop loss

Those entry level you can you use to make the entry setup.

If you still don’t have idea on how to find the fibonacci entry level.Try to have a look on this fibonacci indicator.

It tells you the entry level that you can execute buy or sell. Besides there are 3 types of alert that will notify you when there is entry setup.

I wish you good luck in your trading.

Happy Trading.

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