Fibo Machine Pro Review With Bonus 2018

A Short Review of Fibo Machine Pro 

This post is about a Fibo Machine Pro Review indicator. This review is based on my experience in doing forex trading. Few things that forex trader need to have a look on the trading indicator and how its gonna help new forex trader to develop and success in forex trading.

What is Fibo Machine Pro?

Fibo Machine Pro is a trading indicator which using fibonacci numbers in fibonacci setup. It is really useful for the forex beginners as it will indicate where to buy and where to sell. The trading indicator also shows that which level to put the stop loss and which level to put the target profits.

For the target profits, there are 3 level that the trader can choose to set the entry setup that suits the trader style of trading. Whether the trader want to use, safe take profits, medium take profits and aggresive take profits. That will depend on the style of the forex trader.

This trading indicator is suitable to use for the forex beginner. So that, the trader no need to use complex trading strategy to find out entry setup.



What is fibonacci?

Fibonacci is mathematical number discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci. Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers where a number is found by adding up two numbers before it.

Forex trader use the Fibonacci to find a retracement area and target profits by taking two extreme points of high and low (peak and through) to make a technical forex analysis. Fibonacci ratio of 23.6% , 38.2% , 50% , 61.8% and 100%.

The golden number is a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part.

What is The Feature of Fibo Machine Pro?

Fibonacci Trade Setup

This trading indicator will be using the fibonacci numbers to find the entry setup.

Set And Forget Style

This set and forget style of trading is because of the entry setup come with the stop loss and target profits. When you found the setup, set and close the chart. Dont have to worry about the entry position because of its stop loss and the rewards is greater than the risk that you have put in.

Signal Entry Alert

This signal aler is a value added to improve the trading that, sometime we cannot just focus and give a time for only watching the chart. But this trading indicator come with features of signal entry alert that make it special.


How To Use Fibo Machine Pro

1.Install Indicator in Trading Platform

2.Find the entry setup

3.Set Entry and Close Chart




What Is Best About Fibo Machine Pro?

Set And Forget Style Of Trading

What best about the Fibo Machine Pro is set and forget style of trading. This trading strategy is more to intraday and swing trading. Trader who dont have much time to staring at the chart love this trading strategy.

There are stop loss and target profits indication on the fibo machine indicator. With the tools, we dont have to worry about the floating account. Just set the entry setup, and forget about it. No need to think of the floating loss or profits. If it hits you take profits, well done. But if it hits the stop loss. Just fine. It prevent from floating to high. Just go to find a new setup.

Reward Greater Than The Risk

This is important in trading forex. A money management strategy. With using fibonacci numbers, the stop loss and the target profits determine the risk and reward ratio of the entry setup. The reward is always greater from the risk.

Therefore, if your entry setup is against the market. You can cover the losses with the winning trades.

Stop Loss And Target Profits

With using the fibo machine pro indicator, we no longer need to do hard forex analysis, just open the chart. Look at the chart on which the fibo machine indicator shows the entry setup.

Target Profits Min Average on M15 is 30 pips to 40 pips. While for H1 chart, the target profits can go up to 40 pips to 90 pips.

Stop Loss is really important as if the entry are against the market. For this entry setup, you know what is the stop loss and you know how much money that you can afford to loose.

Entry Signal

Other things is, this trading indicator provides trading signal alert. The signal can be notify via email, pop up alert and push notification through mobile device.

By this time, we are aware that, the signal setup is there. What can we do is to put the entry on the trading setup. Therefore we dont miss the entry setup made by the fibo machine pro indicator.

Take Profits Option

There are 3 take profits options that can the trader choose to make entry with. This is depends on the trader, how much profits they want to take.

Safe Take Profit: This level is more suitable for folks who are new to trading. It offers the most safe and controlled trading style.

Medium Take Profit: This is the natural progression from the safe take profit level and once you’ve got a handful of successful trades under your belt, this is the trading mode you want to go for.

Aggressive Take Profit: If you can handle the additional heartbeat in exchange for serious profits you definitely want to give this take profit level a go. Big profit awaits!




Signal Alert To Notify The Trader The Entry Setup


The signal alert will send the entry setup to the email. This entry alert will included the Entry Signal, Stop Loss and the 3 Take Profits Levels.

Pop Up Alert with Sound

This pop up alert with sound is on the metatrader trading platform. This alert is really useful when we are in front of pc. With this alert. We can do other things apart from looking at the chart all day long. This is due to the pop up alert can notify us if there are entry setup on the chart.

With this features, we can minimize the chart and do other works like browsing internet or do other works while waiting for the setup to come.

Push Notification

Push notification is the signal that synchronize with the Metatrader trading terminal on the smartphone device. This signal on the Metatrader trading platform on the pc can be sync with the Metatrader on the smartphone.

With using the indicator, we can see the signal on the fibonacci setup with using smartphone even we are at the office or at shopping complex.




What is bad about Fibo Machine Pro?

No Automation, Just an Indicator.

Fibo Machine Pro is only an indicator and not the EA (expert advisor) which with EA all the trade are execute automatically.

While Fibo Machine Pro, is just a forex indicator that we can only use to trade manually when there a setup on the fibonacci retracement.

However, with this indicator , it can improve our trading to find the trading setup manually without depending on the Expert Advisor.

Only Used 15 Minutes Time Frame And Above

Can only use time frame 15 minutes to scalp. This strategy can use as low as 15 minutes time frame. The lower 5 minutes and 1 minutes chart cannot.

This is due to the trading strategy is not for scalper. It is suitable for intraday and swing trader only as its target for bigger take profits compare to scalper who takes only 5 pip to 10 pip profits taking.

However, the entry setup provided by Fibo Machine Pro is up to 30pips to 90pips per trader setup.

The trading style is set and forget. No need to look at the chart all day long.

If you are forex scalper, the indicator is not for you.

Have to open chart to find the entry setup

This Fibo Machine Pro need a Metatrader trading platform to install the trading indicator. Therefore, we need to open the PC/Laptop to use the trading indicator and to find the entry setup. 

However, the feature of signal alert can be connected to the metarader trading platform on the smartphone. With that features, we can trade forex and get notified everywhere we go. 

Still we can trade forex while we are using the smartphone if you can syncronize your trading account in your smartphone with your PC/Laptop.

Fibo Machine Pro is suitable for?

This Fibo Machine is suite well with Forex Beginner, that is newbie who just started to learn forex and still finding consistency in forex trading.

Fibo Machine Pro is suitable for beginner is because of its features that indicates the trade setup on the chart without having any experience on trading. What you need to do is only open the chart, if there are setup on this fibo machine pro indicator, you will need only to just execute the trading setup. Buy or Sell.

Besides that, the indicator come out with stop loss, entry and 3 options of target profits that you may take. That is why this indicator is suitable for beginners because it is easy to know where to buy and where to sell, where is the stop loss and where is the take profits.

Fibo Machine Is Not For The PRos

This Fibo Machine Pro is not for the advance trader with 5-10 years of experience. I believe advance pro trader does not need to use indicator. They only use naked chart and a little analysis from the forex fundamental.

Other than that, this trading indicator just only provides the trading signal where to buy and where to sell. It does not really need the fundamental knowledge.

The pros have their own strategy and preferences in trading. No need the guide of trading indicator.

Price of Fibo Machine Pro


The price of Fibo Machine Pro is 147usd, but this time the price is offered to you with discount is 87usd only for a limited of time.

How to get Fibo Machine Pro




A simple Recap On Fibo Machine Pro Review

No Learning Curve. This Fibonacci Indicator is really suitable for forex beginner. 

The style of set and forget trading strategy is giving you more free time. You will only need a few minutes a day. Open chart, there are setups, put entry and go.

Everything calculated by the Fibonacci Indicator. No guesswork and forex analysis on the trading setup. Just follow the signals provided.

There are 3 profits level that you can choose to match your personal profits goal and trading style.

The signal alert systems on email, pop up alert and push notification system that you can rely on so that you never miss the opportunity of trading.




Is There Bonus for Fibo Machine Pro?

Yes, there will be a bonus for you if you purchase the Fibo Machine Pro with pipsumo.

You will have Easy Profits made by pipsumo.

How to have that Bonus?

This Fibo Machine Pro is belong to Karl Dittmann. However, we had joint with Karl Dittman.

All support you will be receiving regarding the Fibo Machine Pro Indicator is from Karl Dittmann.

But Easy Profits is a bonus if you purchase the Fibo Machine Pro through pipsumo. The support from ‘Easy Profits’ is through pipsumo team.

What is Easy Profits?

It is a trading strategy that you can apply in your trading if you are beginner in forex trading.

If you want to buy this, it’ll cost you around 27usd. But, you will have this for FREE as a BONUS. Only if you purchase the Fibo Machine Pro through pipsumo.


The Easy Profits strategy is intraday trading strategy where you will put entry daily entry order. The pair that will be used only eurusd.

The idea of entry strategy is we take advantage of the euro market and us market movement to take profits with.

The Easy Profits is suitable for forex beginner due to it is easy to set the market entry.

What’s include in Easy Profits

-Forex For Beginner Video

-Market Trending Struture

-Trading Strategy Bonus

How to Get Fibo Machine Pro With Easy Profits Bonus


You need to do few things.

1. Clear cookies on your browser.

2. Please ensure when you check out. There are “pipsumo185” id at the bottom of the check out form. Buy Now 

3.Pay the Fibo Machine Pro

4.Email to the proof of your purchase

Buy Fibo Machine Pro with Bonus


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