Forex Daytrading Strategy For Beginners

Secret Reveal How I gain 150usd per Week with 5 Minutes Daily Trading

Set and Forget trading strategy, when you open your chart, you see profits.

Why Are You Here?

·      spend so much money on forex stuff?
·      not consistent in trading?
·      too much trading strategy, cannot focus?
·      never withdraw profits since doing forex trading?
·      too complex trading strategy, but still cannot make profits?

This is how I begin….

I have been doing forex trading since 5 years ago.
I had bought a forex ebook for beginner and cost me around 100usd.

It is really hard for me to have that amount of money. At first i think
forex trading is easy and simply can make money.

I was wrong, after 3 years of trading, i still cannot make money.

Then I realized that I have to do something. So, I go and find forex trading strategy and other forex stuff over the internet.

Then it comes to the waste of money also, i spend lot of money, paying other forex guru, forex strategy and also forex indicator.

What really sad is, i still cannot make money

What do you think?

I almost give up in doing forex trading.

One day, i went to a forex trading class. This forex trainer does not teaching me a complicated trading strategy.

What did he asked me just. Do you have your daily target?

i said, “No i don’t”.

Then i realize that, what i have been doing before this i do forex trading without a trading goal, without a trading plan and without trading journal.

Then he asked me, what if you could only achieved 20pips-30pips daily.

No need 100pips. Just only 30pips per day and you consistently make it.

30pips per day with 5 days trading in a week you will have 150pips!

That is awesome!

Rather than getting 50pips! loss 60pips, then win 100pips loss 70pips.

It is not consistent. And it is really wasting my time.

After few days finding profitable trading strategy that can give me profits consistently.

Then I found a way of getting profits in forex trading by using a very simple strategy.

It is really simple and it is profitable.  What most important is I can achieve my daily target profits.

For the beginning, I just started with 30 pips target. It works!

Then I realize that….

My problem is, I don’t have a specific target in my trading.
That is why i am not consistently making money with forex

Simple Calculations Can Give you 150usd per week!

This simple calculations is to show you how you can grow your account with only use this simple strategy.

Let say :
Daily Target : 30pips
5 days trade : 30pips x 5 days = 150pips

Let say :
Entry               : lot 0.10 x 30pips = 30usd
5 days trade  : 30usd x 5 days = 150usd

150usd per week!
With only 5minutes trading per day!

There is….

·      No Indicator
·      No need to see chart every 5 minutes15minutes,1 hour and 4 hour chart.
·      No complex trading chart

What i only use is simple mathematical calculation. Set and forget. When you open chart. You see your pending order are closed and it is profitable.

My only target is 30pips, but my average profits trading is 45pips per day. See the screenshot below.

See all profits gain from this profitable strategy

see the profits gain video below 



Let me introduce

Easy Profits

What best with Easy Profits?

·      It is easy to use
·      Only use simple mathematical approach to set entry setup.
·      Only need 5 minutes time a day .
·      Set & Forget trading strategy.
·      When you open your chart, you see profits.
profitable forex strategy
·      Everyday you see profits

How much will be your investment for this Easy and 

Profitable Forex Trading Strategy?

best forex strategy for consistent profits 

Bonus : Calculator

This calculator will be used to calculate the entry setup of easy profits. 

By using the calculator, you can save your time in calculating trading setup.

It easy, just enter the number. It will calculate for you.

What they say…

“Nice profit sir for today. very2 satisfied with this…you are the best”

“Good gains,with only lot 0.02 and 105pips”

“First day of live testing, 90pips”

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