Set Forget Pattern Profit Review With Bonus

SetForget Pattern Profit Review

The review on using SetForget Pattern Profit. This set and forget style of trading indicator have been try to use and it is really easy and user friendly for the forex beginners.

What is Set Forget Pattern Profit Indicator?

The Set Forget Pattern Profit indicator is a trading indicator for forex trader to put entry position.
The trading setup can easily be found in the forex chart.

The indicator will indicate the signal where to buy and where to sell. Set Forget Pattern Profit indicator will also give you the signal of entry, target profits and stop loss area.

The trading indicator is easy to use as it name. Set and forget.
What you only need to do is to set the entry and leave the chart. Let it hit the profits target.

What Best about Set Forget Profits Indicator

Entry Setup

This set and forget trading strategy will give you a trading signal to trade. What make it best to use is, you dont need to spend more time to make forex analysis. What you only need to do is to set the entry setup.

The entry setup that you can see in the chart is with the entry position, buy and sell. The stop loss and the target profits.

Therefore, it will gonna be easy for you to trade forex because the set forget pattern profit shows the entry setup that we need to enter.

Set and Forget Style

The Set Forget Pattern Profit indicator is same as it name. What you only need to do is to set the entry setup and just leave the chart.

The entry setup will popup into alert, so that we know when to set the entry position. The entry setup will come out with stop loss , target profits and where to buy and where to sell.

We dont need to spend more time to make forex analysis. We also dont need to care about forex fundamental.

Risk to Reward Ratio

The risk and reward ratio is really important in trading for those forex trader who are concern about the money management and growth of account.

The signal alert will come into 3 option of target profits.  The entry, the stop loss and the target profits are reward ratio friendly. Meaning that, the target profits is greater than the stop loss. Therefore if you loss the setup, you can still cover the losses with another entry setup.

Risk to reward ratio that the set forget pattern indicator provides is practically be used for the trader who follow the money management rules.

Signal Entry Alert

The trading strategy also come out with entry alert  on the metatrader platform. Apart from that you can set the notification of the signal straight to your email and smartphone. With this features, you will be get easy to set and install the trading indicator on the metatrader trading platform. Leave it there, and you can go anywhere. It will notify you with the trading signal. Where to buy, to sell, the stop loss and the target profits.

With the signal entry alert, you will no longer miss the entry setup. This is due to the same entry alert will be sent to your smartphone and also email. What you should only do is to set and forget your trading.

Signal Alert To Notify The Trader

There will be 3 types of alert to notify the trader.

1.Email alert

2.Popup Alert With Sound

3.Push Notification on your mobile.

What is Bad about Set Forget Pattern Profits

Set Forget Pattern Profits Not an EA

The set forget pattern profit indicator is not an Expert Advisor (EA). The set forget profits just and forex indicator. It will only indicates the entry setup and also the alert where you can set the entry. But not to do the entry for you.You will have to put the entry order manually.

The Indicator Take A bit time to load the chart

The indicator is based on the system of provider Set Forget Pattern Profit. When you need to switch the currency pair to another currency pair. It will gonna take a bit of time to load the chart. Meaning that, you need a bit of strong internet connection to load the chart and the entry setup.

Set Forget Pattern Profit suitable for scalping

Eventhough the indicator provided you with the entry alert and signal setup to buy and sell. It not suitable for you to use small time frame. So, if you want to use Set Forget Pattern Profit for scalping. It is not suitable.

The smallest time frame that you can use is 15minutes. However, with 15minutes time frame , the target profits for aggresive option can go up to 50pips while the stop loss is only just 15pips.

Tips To Use Set Forget Pattern Profit


This tips if you want to successfully use the Set Forget Pattern Profits.

Use Specific Account

What i mean by specific account is to open new account and use it for only trade with Set Forget Pattern indicator only. This is to ensure that you can make a review and make an analysis to your trading setup, your growth account.

Don’t mix the entry setup with another indicator, strategy and style of trading. It will gonna be messed.

Use Few Entry Setup Only

For the entry setup strategy. The Set Forget Pattern Profit do not limited pair to trade. You can use as much pair that you would like to.

But my advise is to just only limited to how many pair to trade and just stick with that pair. For instance, look for entry setup on 4 pair or 8 pair to trade. Set entry setup 2 pair for a day.

By doing this, you can control how many entry setup you loss and how many setup you win. And you will not over trade.

Use proper Money Management Strategy

Money management is very important for forex account growth. With using the indicator, you know where is the stop loss average of the setup. Let say H1 time frame, average stop loss is about 25pips. If you limit 50pips for the setup each day. you can use 2 forex pair for the entry setup.

Use only 1 time frame

There are few time frame that you can use with the Set Forget Pattern Profit, M15, M30, H1, H4 and Daily time frame. What you have to do is to focus on 1 time frame only. Find what suites you. This is due different time frame will be different stop loss, different target profits. And its gonna disturb your money management strategy.

Take Profits All Aggressive

There are 3 option target profits with using the Set Forget Pattern Profit.  What you need to do is to take the aggressive take profits option. This is due to the  aggressive take profits option is the biggest reward ratio that you can take and is good to cover the setup that is loss.

Time Frame Recommendation H1 and H4

If you use the Set Forget Pattern Profit, you can just only use the H1 and H4 time frame only. This is due to the time frame is suitable for swing and not taking too long for the entry to hit target profits.

Win Against Losses

See the video 7 entry setup, 5 win, 2 loss, net profits 310pips

Set forget Pattern Profit is suitable for?

This forex trading indicator is suitable for forex trader who like to swing because the target profits is greater than the stop loss provided by the entry signal.

The aggressive target profits is really big. Therefore, it is really suitable for the swing trader to use Set Forget Pattern Profit

The indicator also suitable for forex beginners. This is due to it is easy to use, no need to do forex analysis and no need to know forex fundamental.

Set Forget Pattern Profit is not for the pro

Not for the forex trader who is pro and have too much of trading knowledge and experiences. This trading indicator provides trading setup without doing forex analysis. Therefore it is not suitable if the pro want to use it.

How to use the Set Foget Pattern Profits trading indicator?

Step 1) Open the trading chart of your choice.

Step 2) Choose your timeframe: M15, M30, H1, H4 or D1

Step 3) (Blue Arrow – BUY or Yellow Arrow – SELL)

Step 4) Exit when price reaches any of the 3 TakeProfits.

Step 5) Profit!

Short Review on Set Forget Pattern Profits

Set Forget Pattern Profit is trading indicator that are easy to use and it is user friendly. Suitable to be used for the forex beginners as is will provides you with the entry setup for as many pair that you want and what time frame that you prefer.

The entry setup come with stop loss, target profits and direction to buy or to sell. You will not gonna need to do forex analysis to make forex entry also no need to know forex fundamental.

The reward ratio is greater than the risk taken on the entry setup provided by the trading indicator. The Set Forget Pattern Profit also provide the entry setup notification on email and smartphone. You will not gonna loose the entry setup.

Buy Now 

Is There Bonus for Set Forget Pattern?

Yes, there will be a bonus for you if you purchase the Set Forget Pattern with pipsumo.

You will have Easy Profits made by pipsumo.

How to have that Bonus?

This Set Forget Pattern is belong to Karl Dittmann. However, we had joint with Karl Dittman.

All support you will be receiving regarding the Set Forget Pattern Indicator is from Karl Dittmann.

But Easy Profits is a bonus if you purchase the Set Forget Pattern through pipsumo. The support from ‘Easy Profits’ is through pipsumo team.

What is Easy Profits?

It is a trading strategy that you can apply in your trading if you are beginner in forex trading.

If you want to buy this, it’ll cost you around 27usd. But, you will have this for FREE as a BONUS. Only if you purchase the Set Forget Pattern through pipsumo.

The Easy Profits strategy is intraday trading strategy where you will put entry daily entry order. The pair that will be used only eurusd.

The idea of entry strategy is we take advantage of the euro market and us market movement to take profits with.

The Easy Profits is suitable for forex beginner due to it is easy to set the market entry.

What’s include in Easy Profits

-Forex For Beginner Video

-Market Trending Struture

-Trading Strategy Bonus

How to Get Set Forget Pattern With Easy Profits Bonus


You need to do few things.

1. Clear cookies on your browser.

2. Please ensure when you check out. There are “pipsumo185” id at the bottom of the check out form. Buy Now 

3.Pay the Set Forget Pattern

4.Email to the proof of your purchase

Buy Set Forget Pattern with Bonus

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