NordFX Forex Broker Review

Forex Trading Broker NordFX Review

I have a forex broker that i just found and want to review. This forex broker where i knew from my fellow trader who use NordFX as a trading platform is quite a nice to use especially when it get involve in forex education.

For me, forex education is important. If you dont know how to trade forex, how you can make money with forex trading?

This Forex Broker NordFX also giving you forex education.

About NordFX

NordFX is an international broker that has been providing individual and corporate clients with a full cycle of online services for trading in the markets of Forex, gold, silver and cryptocurrencies for over 10 years. The company’s clients can use the service of automatically copying trading signals, as well as invest in shares of world industry leaders with the help of NordFX specialized funds and investment portfolios.
Since 2008, the company has been awarded more than 35 prestigious professional awards.

Among them:

  • ShowFx World Most Reliable Broker Award – 2017
  • Forex Awards Ratings Best Crypto Broker Asia – 2017
  • Fxdailyinfo Awards Best News & Analysis Provider – 2018
  • International Business Magazine Awards Best Broker for Trading Cryptocurrencies – 2018
  • Global Brands Awards Most Trusted CryptoCurrency Broker – 2018 as well as a number of awards from the Masterforex-V Academy, the International Association of Forex Traders IAFT and Forex Expo.
  • The number of accounts opened in NordFX by clients from almost 190 countries has exceeded 1,250,000 as of today.



NordFX Regulations

NordFX is an international online broker, which is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus. The Company is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).

Cyprus is an EU member state and therefore NordFX EU operates under the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) as a regulated Investment Firm.

Clients are assured that NordFX EU consistently meets the strictest standards of financial stability with disclosure transparency and proper handling and security of client funds within a transparent, sincere and productive operating structure. NordFX also have VFSC (Vanuatu), CySEC and SEBI regulations.


NordFX Forex Education

I believe if you are still beginners in forex trading. You would probably find a resources to learn forex trading.

Here in NordFX also they are providing the forex aducation material that i can see is complete for the beginners to learn how to trade forex trading.

With the forex education provided by NordFX, you can find the Beginners Course which i can say that is suitable if you are zero and know nothing about forex trading.

And if you know forex trading and still yet to know about how to use the trading platform. They also offer a Metatrader tutorial so that you can use the trading platform in trading.

If you know well enough in forex trading and want to start doing real trading. Just open a account with NordFX and start trading with using the trading platform.

Open NordFX Account

You can also find forex trading strategy in the NordFX if you still dont know how to make money with forex.

There are a lot of forex strategy in NordFX forex education that you can learn, practice and trade.

Visit NordFX education

Beginners Course

I want to pick this forex beginner course that i found in the NordFX forex education site.

If you are beginner in trading, and know nothing about trading. You can have a register and visit the website. They provide a complete trading education for you and it is strictly forex beginners.

When you get into the course, you will get to know why you need to trade forex, what is the advantages of trading forex, Forex Terms that you need to know and also the winning strategy that you can use to make money with forex trading.

What most important thing if you want to start trading when you are beginners is to open a trading account. download the trading platform and start trading.

When you want to do the trading orders. You need to know what type of orders that you want to put.

There are 3 type of orders that you can use. It is , Stop Orders, Limit Orders and also Manual Execution.

If know this, you are good to go.
This education topic “types of orders” also you can find in NordFx forex education.

They provide the education with interactive way of learning.

Open Account NordFX

NordFX beginners Course

Trading Strategy For Forex Beginners

I bet if you are advance forex trader and know all the basic of doing forex trading. I believe, you are looking for a trading strategy that you can win the forex trading and can make money with.

In NordFX forex education, you can also find few of forex trading strategy for you to choose to make money with forex trading.

They are:

  • Trend Signal Strategy
  • Tunnel Strategy
  • Fractal Strategy
  • Fishing strip strategy
  • Zigzag Strategy
  • Wave Tracker Strategy
  • T-Chase Strategy
  • Fibo Trap Strategy
  • Zoom In Strategy
  • Semi-Automatic Strategies

I would love to take this Fibonacci forex strategy for forex beginners to have a review. In my trading activities i use a lot of Fibonacci trading strategy also.

Fibo Trap Strategy

With this reverse strategy the goal is to identify the end of a correction and enter when a new trend begins.

fibonacci trading strategy 

With NordFX forex education you can learn forex with interactive way of learning.

The explanation on how to use forex strategy is clear and is easy for you to understand. They also tell where is the trading setup.

When the strategy get involve the trading indicator, they will also tell you the indicator settings and how to use.

Trading setup.

Indicator setup

How to identify the market trend.

Why you need to open forex account with NordFX?

1. Because of Education. NordFX offer you forex education for your trading and learning.

2. The NordFX established since 2008. They holds licenses to provide financial services. They can be trusted.

3. Quick and easy account registration. No need paperwork and office visits. You can just

simpy choose and account with using email address.

4. Low Spreads for major currency pair. The spread is about 0.2-2pips.

5. Wide Choice of trading instruments. They offer 3 types of acccount, 33 Forex Currency pairs,

precious metals and also equities investments.

watch the video





Open NordFX Account


NordFX Award

Apart from having holds licenses to provide financial services. NordFX also achieve few award as they get involved into the forex trading industry. As for 2018, NordFX has achieved few awards such as Best Affiliate Program, Best Forex Broker Asia and Best Social Trading Network from Forex Awards Rating.

If you want to have a look on the Awards achieved from NordFX, you have just try to visit their website.


Affiliate Programme

Another part that is also great when having an account with NordFX is the affiliate programme. Apart from doing trading activities. We can also gain some money from joining the affiliate programme,

To join the affiliate programme from Nordfx is really simple. We just only need to fill up the simple and short application form in the website. Upon application is approved, you will get a referral link and promo material.

What you can do after obtaining the referral link is to promote your referral link through you social media profile such as, facebook, instagram and twitter.

Thhe commision size offered from NordFX also quite good. They offer $10 to $12 per lot traded by reffered clients.

If you want to start promoting NordFX and refer your friends to account registration with NordFX, you will not gonna need to worry about the promotion material. The material on referral your clients is provided by NordFx marketing team.

They are including the link for opening the trading account ,Banners and Landing Pages.

If you dont know how to trade forex, you can still make money with forex if you do forex affiliate marketing.

MetaTrader 4: Trading Accounts and Instruments

The following 3 types of accounts are available to traders on the MetaTrader-4 platform:

  • Fix:
  • deposit from $10,
  • fixed spreads from 2 points,
  • Pro:
  • deposit from $250,
  • dynamic spread from 0.9 points,
  • Zero:
  • deposit from $500, 
  • dynamic spread from 0.0 pips,
  • access to interbank liquidity (ECN).
  • Crypto :
  • deposit from $500,
  • 17 cryptocurrencies and 4 crypto indicies,
  • MetaTrader 5 platform

33 fiat currency pairs, gold, silver, as well as cryptocurrencies and crypto indices (on Pro and Zero) are offered as trading instruments.

In addition to low spreads and the immediate execution of orders, these accounts are distinguished by a leverage of 1: 1000, available for all currency pairs and metals.

Deposit And Withdrawal
For deposit and withdrawal, they accept over 15 various of payment methods for you to do deposit and withdrawal.
They are also accepting Bitcoins and Ethereums.
Over 15 various payment methods are available for clients to carry out these operations.
Therfore, you don’t need to worry about the deposit and withdraw operations.
What you need to think is about making money with forex.


Exchange Crypto Trading on MetaTrader 5

With NordFX, you can also do Crypto trading when you open account crypto account with NordFX.
With the system, you can carry out transaction not only with a broker or an exchange, but with each other. The system is completely transparent.
With using the Metatrading Platform MT4 and MT5, you can use any kind of trading strategies and technique. You can use scalping, swing, intraday or use any indicator that are available on the trading platform.
Apart from that, you can also use expert advisers in making money with cryptocurrency

RAMM – System for Automated Copying of Trading Signals with Risk Control

Today RAMM is a modern trading and investment platform that allows investors who do not want to trade independently (or who do not have time for this) to receive a regular passive income by copying transactions of experienced traders- managers in the automatic mode.

This service allows, using just one account, to seriously reduce trading risks, simultaneously copying trading signals from several RAMM-managers.

An important difference between RAMM and its analogues (PAMM, LAMM, etc.) is the security of the investor’s funds, who determines and sets the level of his or her capital protection. And in case the drawdown reaches the specified level, the trading on his or her account will be immediately automatically stopped.

Another things is, you can start to invest your money as low as $10 if you are interested in investing. While if you are into trading strategy, the minimal amount is $50.


Investment Funds and NordFX Products 

With NordFX, you can also invest your money in shares of the world’s leading companies.
The funds that require for you to invest is affordable as low as USD1000.
They are 3 types of fund offered from NordFX for you to invest your money with.
They are
  • Pro-Industry Fund
  • Pro-Tech Fund
  • Pro-Expert Fund


Pro-Industry Fund
With this fund, you just only need $1000 and the expected yield
up to 27% per year. The investment period is within 6 months to 1 year.
The fund share include Motorola, Nike,  Ferrari, Boeing, Coca-Cola, HP INC, McDonald’s, etc.
Pro-Tech Fund
Investment amount is just about $3000 and the expected yield is up to 40.9% per year.
Investment period is within 3 months to 1 year.
The fund share are from high-tech leaders with best performance in the industry. The company are as best as Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Alibaba, Adobe Systems, Nvidia, etc.
Pro-Expert Fund
To invest your money with this high yield return, you need to invest with amount of $5000.

The expected yield is up to 57% per year. The investment period is form 3 months to 1 year.

The share of the funds is from various industries with high potential growth and reliability for
growth. The company as big as Amazon, Netflix, MasterCard, Visa, Google, Facebook, PayPal, etc.



There are a lot of very big company and established to get your money invested and gain profits according to the fund that you invested.


Register Account With NordFX



With NordFX, you can start and doing forex trading as it also a trust forex broker. They also provides trade crypto for cryptocurrency lovers. You can open account with Bitcoin and Etherium with using the NordFX platform.


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