Fibonacci Retracement Level

Simple Fibonacci Retracement Level Trading Strategy This trading strategy is easy to use in forex trading as you will know where to make entry, where to put your stop loss and where to set you target profits.   The fibonacci also can be use to determine support and resistance. But in this lesson, we going to learn how to trade forex with using fibonacci retracement […]

how to draw forex trend lines Strategy

Forex Trendline Trading Strategy Most traders think that drawing trend lines is all about connecting various highs and lows. Without proper knowledge & experience, you would see them everywhere, however not all trend lines should be considered. If you follow the guidelines to drawing good trend lines, there is a high chance that the price willrespect your […]

How To Draw Forex Support And Resistance Lines

Support and Resistance Levels Support and resistance can help you finding forex entry and exits. This lesson is a  big part of forex trading strategy where the price of forex market do some reversal and market continue trending.The reversal are usually happened at the levels of support and resistance.learn how to identify support and resistance in forex. […]