BBMA Strategy Bollinger Band and Moving Average Trading Strategy

BBMA Strategy Forex Scalping BBMA strategy is stand for Bollinger Band and Moving Average Trading Strategy. It use the combination of both indicator that can be found in the metrader trading platform. The same indicator also can be found dan can be used in the metatrader in smartphone also. Therefore you can also use the […]

Fibonacci Retracement Level

Simple Fibonacci Retracement Level Trading Strategy This trading strategy is easy to use in forex trading as you will know where to make entry, where to put your stop loss and where to set you target profits.   The fibonacci also can be use to determine support and resistance. But in this lesson, we going to learn how to trade forex with using fibonacci retracement […]

Free Download “Magic Forex Candlesticks”

want to know more on forex candlesticks?Here i share with you an ebook “Magic Forex Candlesticks”What you will learn from the ebook : understand the forex candlestick know the candlesticks that really works what is the high profit candlesticks pattern how to find the market trend simple scalping stratergy candlestick trading strategy Insert your name and […]

Free Download Forex Divergence Trading Strategy

Want to know more on how to trade forex divergence?here we share with you “Magic Forex Divergence”An ebook where you can determine the trend strength and find the point where the market going to reverse.It’s Free!!What you will learn with “Magic Forex Divergence” : know the trend strength how to find pattern that result in reversal […]

40 Pips Forex Strategy With Parabolic Sar And Moving Average

Parabolic Sar And Moving Average Strategy In this article, im going to teach you on how to use parabolic sar effectively. This parabolic sar and moving average settings are suitable for the intraday trader. This forex trading strategy use the combination of Parabolic SAR and Moving averages.This forex trading strategy also suitable for you if you […]