Bullish Engulfing Candle Trading Price Action Pattern

Price Action Trading With Using Engulfing Candlestick. Trading forex price action with candlestick. There are many types of forex trader. But this style of forex trading is about trading with candlestick. With the candlestick itself, there are few information that you need to know and use it to trade with price action.The Bullish and Bearish […]

shooting star candlestick And Hammer Candlestick Strategy

Pinbar Candlestick Reversal Signal Trading Strategy What is Pinbar? Pinbar is a candlestick reversal signal that shows rejection and reversal on the market. Pinbar also can be used to determine market direction. Pinbar consist of 1 single candlestick. There are 2 pinbars which is, bearish pinbar (shooting star) and bullish pinbar (hammer). Pinbar Characteristic Pinbar should […]

Fibonacci Retracement Level

Simple Fibonacci Retracement Level Trading Strategy This trading strategy is easy to use in forex trading as you will know where to make entry, where to put your stop loss and where to set you target profits.   The fibonacci also can be use to determine support and resistance. But in this lesson, we going to learn how to trade forex with using fibonacci retracement […]